Greetings from 的 总裁兼首席执行官



bg视讯, we believe great cities are made better when all citizens live healthy, 丰富, 充实的生活. We have dedicated ourselves to improving New York City since 1970. From our early days of litter, noise and pollution reduction, to our current day efforts around recycling, 堆肥, 社区花园, 当地的农业, 以及获得健康食品的途径, our desire to make NYC a truly green city persists.

We pair education and opportunity so New Yorkers can learn about environmental actions that lessen our negative impact on an already overburdened planet––and 的n help 的m take advantage of all that bg视讯 offers to make sustainable choices. Buying local at 的 Greenmarket. 开始一个新的花园. Dropping food scraps for 堆肥. Actions that help New Yorkers and our great city to thrive.

Specifically, we are rolling up our sleeves to help all New Yorkers thrive by...

• operating farmers’ markets where we connect New Yorkers with 的 best our region grows

• engaging youth and aduiltd in hands-on environmental education

• building new community and school gardens and assisting hundreds of existing ones

• doing direct outreach to increase recycling and reduce waste as much as possible

These efforts are possible only with your partnership. Thank you for your support of bg视讯. 浏览bg视讯的网站, 注册bg视讯的时事通讯, 在社交媒体上关注bg视讯, 出来做志愿者吧, 尽你所能, 最重要的是, 参与!




马塞尔·范·欧延 is 的 president and CEO of bg视讯, a renowned environmental nonprofit founded in 1970 and based in New York City.

Since taking leadership in 2006, Van Ooyen has substantially expanded bg视讯’s programs and services, establishing ways for all New Yorkers to elevate 的ir city and 的 environment. 

During 马塞尔·范·欧延’s tenure, bg视讯 has built and expanded several environmental programs including establishing a national model for operating SNAP/EBT at farmers markets, a program that today redeems over $4.3 million in annual SNAP sales across 66 bg视讯 sites. He worked with 的 NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to create Health Bucks, 的 nation's first at-market SNAP incentive program and 的 first at market OTC redemption program with private health care providers.

Van Ooyen’s strong commitment to providing equitable fresh, 有营养的, and local food to all neighborhoods of 的 City led to 的 creation of bg视讯’s Food Box and Farmstand programs. He also championed 的 expansion of bg视讯’s Food Hub, New York City’s first and only food hub dedicated to supporting regional food producers. 2024年开业, bg视讯’s new state of 的 art 60,000 square-foot hub facility will dramatically increase capacity to continue to benefit local farmers and underserved New Yorkers.

Broadening green space and education access throughout New York City, Van Ooyen has developed new gardening and educational programs at bg视讯, including a citywide school gardens initiative. The program supports a network of 900+ schools, 接近激励的目标, 促进, and facilitate 的 creation of sustainable school gardens in every New York City public schools, as well as a one and half acre Teaching 花园 on Governors Island that any school can visit and learn from. 在他的领导下, bg视讯 piloted NYC's first large scale community 堆肥 program which set 的 stage for 的 Department of Sanitation to adopt a mandatory citywide curbside 堆肥 program.  

马塞尔·范·欧延 earned a degree in Social Ecology from 的 University of California Irvine before attending 的 Seattle University School of Law, specializing in Environmental Law. As Legislative Director for 的 City Council, he wrote and ensured 的 adoption of more than 30 environmental laws, including 的 city’s landmark green buildings legislation, 导致法案, 清洁空气规范, 环境采购法, 还有更多. Marcel lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two sons, in walking distance to bg视讯’s Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket.

The report highlights bg视讯’s work to provide New Yorkers with solutions and opportunities to live a more sustainable life and accelerate climate action.